Reserve Reports

The Reserve report dated January 30, 2009 provides an estimate of the reserves and future production and income attributable to certain leasehold and royalty interests of NCEY Holdings, LLC. as of December 31, 2008. R.A. Lense and Associates, Inc. Consulting Petroleum Engineers and Geologist, with offices located in Houston, Texas prepared the report.

The first PDF file is the New Reserve Report containing the cover letter, summary tables A, B, and C, and the six economic run Summary Tables 1-6: Total proved, Proved Producing, Proved Behind the Pipe, Proved Developed, Probable, and Possible Reserves. The second PDF file contains the corresponding color Summary graphs for the six economic run Summary Tables 1-6 for each reserve category.

Click here to view the Reserve Report in Adobe PDF format

Click here to view Color Reserve Proved Graphic charts 1 thru 6 in Adobe PDF format


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