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NCEY Holdings, LLC. , headquartered in Houston, TX, is an independent oil and gas exploration, production and prospect generation company.

The Company's major areas of operations are located onshore United States, primarily in Jackson, McMullen and Matagorda Counties in Texas. The Company has approximately 3,000 net acres of oil and gas leasholds in Texas.

Prospects also located in Clarke County, Mississippi.


How dependent are we on foreign oil in 2016?

U.S. dependence on imported petroleum has declined since peaking in 2005. The strong growth in U.S. domestic crude oil drilling and production has contributed to the significant decline in imports. The United States continues to lead the world in increasing oil production. In the first half of 2016, United States oil production averaged 8.8 million barrels of crude oil per day (MM barrels/day).
In July 2016, total imports to the United States of crude oil and refined products was 10.0 MM barrels/ day.

Global Consumption:
The United States is the world’s largest petroleum consumer and it consumed about 19 million barrels / day in 2016, about 20% of the world’s total.  Globally, oil demand is approximately 95 million barrels per day.  The second largest consumer of oil is China at 11.1 MM barrels/day; and India ranks third at 4.5 MM barrels/day.

Global Production:
The United States is the world’s third largest crude oil producer at 8.8 MM barrels/day. Russia and Saudi Arabia, rank first and second.
World oil production is 95 million barrels per day.


Field Operations Photographs

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Current Projects

McMullen County, Texas
San Miguel Creek Field

Jackson County, Texas
West Ranch Field




The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)





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